Friday, June 14, 2019

How to Find 24 Hour Legal Advice

It is always amazing, that when you need something so much, then it becomes most difficult to find it. This can happen in the event of seeking legal advice, you may need to find 24 hour legal advice. But just how can you get this advice at anytime and anywhere that you need it?

There are various legal practice institutions that you can seek 24 hour legal advice from. This service can either be obtained legal officers who charge a fee or free/pro bono lawyers who offer their services for free. There are also government paid lawyers who would provide their services for free as part of constitutional right of the accused.

With the growth in technology, there are several ways by which you can find 24/7 advice from attorneys. These depend on who you are seeking the services from and which country they are based in. There are several options as discussed below:

Directories: Most companies that are serious about their business will have their address posted in the business directories. The best known published directories include the 'Yellow Pages'. This can be can be accessed both online and in hard copies available in specific countries.

Telephone hotlines: There are a few legal aid companies that have gone a notch higher and provided hotlines that allow you to access 24 hour legal advice. These allow you call toll free when in need of legal advice at any time of the day. The companies will then provide advice on what is best to be done and then follow up by providing the service the best suits you.

Ask former clients: Word of mouth is another way of identifying law institutions. This has the additional benefit of knowing what to expect from the institution.

Internet: This by far remains the best way to find 24 hour legal advice. Internet has enabled access to information on a click of a mouse. Through a website, a legal aid institution can prove live support services. Others would offer legal advice through posting of information on what to do through the web pages. There are questionnaires that can be filled in an answers provided from the FAQs.

Prepaid legal services: This is the best way of assuring yourself of accessing 24 hour legal advice. It does not matter where you are, as long as you have paid for the services within a radius of operation of the company, you will be able to access the services.

Therefore, 24 hr Legal Advice [] may just be as important in meeting your needs as a good attorney, and using an online lawyer will enable you to get several different legal opinions all with a single search.

A good lawyer miles away may not be much help if they cannot provide relevant information when needed.

By: Paul Alkin

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Free Legal Advice - Do You Qualify?

Providing legal advice for the poor in South Africa is a concern which has come under the spot light in the past decade. Receiving legal advice in South Africa does not come cheap, which is ironic as the largest percentage of South Africans are in the lower to mid- income brackets. Another reason why it seems ironic that legal advice was not that affordable is because a large percentage of crime committed in South Africa is a direct link to poverty and all the ills which stems from that such as; house breakings, robberies, drug and alcohol related violence.

A backlog of cases which still need to be tried in court, are a constant headache for criminal justice system, the victims and as well as the accused. The lawyers who work for the State often have so much work to do that, giving their undivided attention to each case is something of an ideal. But it is not just them who feel the frustration of the criminal justice system being as it is. It is also the people awaiting trial or those who need legal advice in South Africa. Luckily legal advice can now be gotten for free if one has access to the internet. And for those who do not have access at their homes, there are always internet access points at public establishments such as libraries.

Once online, one simply has to do a quick search by entering keywords such as, 'legal questions' or 'legal advice South Africa' and you will have a wealth of information as where best to go to receive the help you need, for free There are many websites from different legal institutions and government associations. Each offering you legal tip and advice as well as opportunities for you to direct your questions directly to a lawyer. They will also advice you on which procedures to follow and who to contact. This in itself saves you from being redirected to a hundred incorrect people and departments. And because the legal advice is free you can even get advice from more than one institution. By doing this you can get a clearer idea and you can also cross-reference to see whether you were given the proper legal advice in South Africa.

Submit your questions

You will see that on many of these legal websites you have the option of submitting your questions to a lawyer. You simply need to state your case and add your contact details. A lawyer will then go over your question and respond to you in writing. This is the easiest and quickest way for you to obtain advice.

Another way is by calling the Legal Aid hotline. They offer the service of providing you will advice over the line. This would be the best option if you prefer to speak to someone in person, especially if you feel your situation is an emergency. This service is provided for people who fall into a certain income bracket. Mostly people who earn under five thousand grands a month.

For more information about legal advice South Africa visit the website

By: Jonathan Morleson